Hotel Policies

Águas do Iguaçu Hotel Policies

  • One kid from 0 to 6 with parents do not pay. By every two kids from 0 to 6, it is charged as one adult
  • Check-in and Check-out due time: 12:00 PM
  • We do not accept pets
  • Breakfast is included (served from 6:30 to 10:00)
  • There’s a 5% service tax
  • Room tax: R$2,00 by person/day
  • Parking lot: R$10 a day; limited vacancies
  • Booking confirmation: your reservation is confirmed after the advanced payment corresponding to one daily rate (via bank deposit or transfer). It must be done up to seven days after the reservation request; the remaining value will be charged at the hotel (3x in credit card, no interests). The advanced payment is confirmed in 24 hours in week days and in 48 hours in weekends and holidays. It can also be done by credit card, just talk to our call center. In case the advanced payment is not done in the stipulated time, the reservation will be automatically canceled.
  • For reservations to foreign travelers, we do not accept international bank transfers.
  • As this is a frontier area, it is mandatory to have with you a Identification document, such as your current passport. For under aged people, besides the passport, it is also required an authorization signed by both parents or legal tutors, in case traveling alone. The authorization will be needed in case the under aged is joined by only one parent or tutor.
  • Hosting under aged: Under aged people (up to 18 years old) can only stay if joined by parents/tutors and if there’s a document proving their relationship. If under aged are by themselves, it will be necessary to present a legal authorization, informing check-in and check-out dates, reason he/she is staying at our hotel and emergency phone numbers. The authorization must be delivered at the reception desk, when he/she check-in.
  • The room’s pictures may be different from the room you get
  • In case of devolution, it will be charged 15% for administrative costs

Special Policies for Packages

  • Price by person in double or triple rooms; for a single one, it will be added 50%
  • Payment must be full and in advance
  • Be sure to be on time for your shuttles and tours, as settled with the reservation department. In case you miss it, there won’t be devolutions neither changing for other services.
  • Tickets for Brazilian Falls, Argentinean Falls and Itaipu can only be acquired at these places’ ticket offices
  • Under aged can cross the border to Argentina or Paraguay must have an official authorization signed by both parents or legal tutors;
  • In case any tour is cancelled, by the tour’s administration, we do not take responsibilities by harms done. The same is applied in case of delays. In those cases, the costs will be reimbursed.
  • We recommend you to wear comfortable clothes, sunscreen and bug’s repellent when touring
  • The regularization of products bought in Paraguay or Argentina must be done in the countries’ customs, located on the bridges: Ponte da Amizade – Paraguay; and Ponte Tancredo Neves – Argentina.

Special Policies for Groups

  • Group: more than 20 people
  • It will be given one room for drivers
  • It is mandatory that the guests list and their data is sent for registration with, at least, five days in advance

Reasons to book with us

Free cancelation

For your convenience, there won't be any extra charges in reservations cancelled in 24h (low season) or 72h (high season) in advance

Central area

With a lot of facilities around, like drug stores, Banks and commerce, besides the central bus station, the Águas location is one of our highlights.

Pay to the hotel

You don’t have to worry about payment in advance. Pay directly to the hotel, at the counter, when you check-in and enjoy your days in Foz do Iguaçu.


Comfort and convenience without paying too much for them. The Águas do Iguaçu hotel has modern décor and cozy rooms for you and your family seize your resting time.